Manage your own virtual stable with ‘Off and Pacing’

Are you obsessed with the world of live harness racing? Do you and your friends count down the days until the Saturday night card at Hanover Raceway? Do you wish you could drive? Train? Or even own your own horse?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, boy oh boy, do we have an exciting new app for you. Hanover Raceway is excited to partner with ‘Off and Pacing’ to bring our patrons the opportunity to manage their own virtual stable. ‘Off and Pacing’, a recently released mobile gaming application, offers harness racing fans the opportunity to experience the world of live harness racing first hand. ‘Off and Pacing’ allows players to buy and name their horses; enter them in races at two virtual racetracks; select drivers from the roster provided; and view the races. Statistics are tabulated, so users can compare their stable’s progress with that of their rivals (StandardBred Canada, 2017).

Software developer and long time harness racing fan, Ryan Clements, hopes to re-instill interest in Live Harness Racing and make harness racing relevant to the new generation of fans. Clements has long been involved in Live Harness Racing, ever since his grandfather owned horse Cam Fella, he has had an interest. Although Ryan does not drive or train horses, his involvement in the horse world certainly influenced his trajectory in life. Seeing him change his focus in university from economics to computer science in order to manage complicated web applications related to Live Harness Racing initiatives.

Clements saw his chance to change the demographic of live harness racing fans, and rightfully so, after a study published in 2013 by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada found that mobile devices were a platform for 25% of the games played in Canada the previous year (Standardbred Canada, 2017). The ‘Off and Pacing’ mobile application, available on both Iphone and Android, requires a certain degree of user commitment. Mastering the game and building a championship stable over a longer duration, requires users to be fully immersed in the user experience, thinking and responding just like a real like a real championship stable would.

Thus far the app has received a ton of positive feedback, “we know we are on the right track when users are feeling emotions similar to those involved in real-world racing: the anticipation waiting for post time, the suspense as your horse turns for home with the lead you don’t know if he can hang on; or even the frustration with a driver who seemingly forgot how to drive just in time for your race. We want users to get a taste for the genuine emotions that come with owning a horse” (Standardbred Canada, 2017).

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Ryan and ‘Off and Pacing’ as the app is slated to feature Hanover Raceway as one of the tracks users can race at. In addition, Off and Pacing will be on site for the Balanced Image Final at Hanover Raceway to talk with patrons and promote the download of their app. We encourage every Harness Racing Fan, new or old, to download the app and immerse themselves in the exciting world or virtual harness racing; to feel the real emotions that owners feel every Saturday night here at Hanover Raceway.


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