One of the biggest concerns we get from new horse racing fans is its hard to Read the Racing program.  Many find all the numbers intimidating, but you shouldn’t.  Think of a race as a giant math puzzle, and the information provided in all those numbers is designed to help you solve the puzzle.

However, NOT everyone needs to solve the puzzle.

For the non-serious player, you can have just as much fun by picking a driver, or picking a horse name, or if the colour of the horses equipment strikes you, then bet him.  It doesnt matter who you pick, as long as you get involved in the game.   Under the new Horse Racing Alliance program, all monies wagered at the track goes into a pot, with about 80% returned to the public in winning tickets.  The other 20% is split between Taxes, purses for the horsemen to compete for, and operating funds for the racetracks.   So its important that you bet, to keep the industry alive, but make sure you bet what you can afford and have fun.

The following pages are designed to help you read the program, and learn about the different kinds of bets available on our races.  Remember we also have a Customer Information table available for you and either Christine or Lisa will be available to help answer your questions show you how to read the program, or bet on the self serve wagering machines.   They are easy and just like an ATM.  Just pick your track and then type of bet, and then amount and then the horse and your done.

The important thing is to have fun, and help keep HORSE RACING ALIVE in Midwestern Ontario.

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