The Coach House has a full menu from one egg and toast to the hungryman breakfast, an assortment of lunch specials,  2 soups of the day, and a generous supply of Entre’s like a 10 oz. NY Strip steak, Honey Garlic Chicken over a mixture of snowpeas, carrots and rice, to some of our customer favorites like Liver and Onions, Hot Beef and Hot Turkey or our famous Haddock Fish and Chips.

We also be returning our Saturday night Racing Roast Beef Buffet for just $17.99 including a great variety of desserts.

We also feature our year round Sunday breakfast buffet for just $10.99 including coffee or tea.

The newly renovated Coach House restaurant features up to 80 seats for dining, and can host business, birthday or Christmas functions.  Just contact Food and Beverage Manager Linda Macdonald for details on plate service or buffets for groups of 15 or more.  Phone 519-364-2860 x 7 for more information and bookings.


17 thoughts on “Menu details

  1. Charlie Frizell Reply

    Do you need a reservation at your restaurant?? What time is the start of supper??

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      no we do not take reservations, as on racedays it is very busy. there is no need for
      reservations in the off season. hope that helps.

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      hi there. the buffet runs from 10am to 1:00pm in the restaurant.

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      hi sharon.
      sorry i didnt see this earlier. hopefully you got your answers. was a busy rush
      with visiting family over christmas and didnt check the website as often as usual.
      again, sorry for missing your response. hopefully you attended and enjoyed it.

  2. Ginny Banks Reply

    How much is the Saturday night buffet for children (and what ages)? Can you order off the menu Saturday night or is it only the buffet?

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      hi there
      for children 10 and under its 1 dollar per year, otherwise its 16.95 for adults and 14.95 for seniors.
      buffet runs from 5-8pm. race doors open at 6:00 for concessions etc, and there is a mini-menu of
      selections to choose from in the restaurant if you dont want saturday night buffet, however, most
      go for buffet.

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      sorry but we cant take reservations with only 80 seats available. i’d advise to come just before 5, or at 7:00pm to miss the hectic lineups. hope that helps.

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      HI there.
      no we just have an all you can eat sunday breakfast for 9.99 including coffee, as well as Christmas dinner groups starting tuesday nights nov 24th…until Christmas. we have a lunch special and dinner special each day plus a full menu including sandwiches, 2 soups, entre’s and desserts.

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      hi there. i dont think so but you can call the bar and make one if you like.
      call 364-2860 x 4 for restaurant and let them know how many and when you expect to
      arrive. we cant guarantee we wont be full but with 84 seats chances are it wont be
      a problem. i dont beleive we have any big groups that night, but were usually busiest
      about 6pm.

  3. Warren Rogers Reply

    Stay tuned for our new menu roll out later next month!

    Lots of new and exciting menu changes happening, and of course we still have your Coach House favourites. ….

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      we are finalizing some changes to the menu which is located in the restaurant. We dont have the space to put it all on the website, so we focus on the specials and special events like Roast beef Buffet during races and the all you can eat breakfast on Sundays.

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