Welcome to the Hanover Raceway REPLAY link page.

We now broadcast our live races on Wightman TV Cable 6 on Friday nights at 7:00pm.

You can click the link below to go to our youtube channel and select from our Various Race Replays.

We hope you enjoy this, and feel free to save the page on your favorites and to tell people about us who may wish to learn more about harness racing.  We have a how to bet tutorial on our website and a fan friendly environment during live racing.

Here is the link to our Youtube Channel.



Here are some highlight races from our recent past.


2013 Balanced Image final   (sorry no audio on feed)

2014 Dream of Glory final

2015 Dream of Glory final

2015 Balanced Image Final


16 thoughts on “Race Replays

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      hello Fran:
      We post all our races on our YouTube channel: Hanover Raceway. You’ll be able to see the July 1 races there.

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      Replays are available on our YouTube channel: Hanover Raceway.

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      Hello: All our races are posted the following week (Tues/Wed,) on our YouTube channel: Hanover Raceway.

  1. Mark McCormack Reply

    When will the replays from July 29th be posted on the YouTube site

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      Hello Mark – We’re expecting the replays to be posted by end of day.

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      Hi Tom: They haven’t been uploaded to our YouTube channel yet. They are posted by an outside company and the discs are generally not picked up until today. They should be up within the next 24 hours. I will talk to the company and see if we can speed up the process. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Kris Reply

    Hey was wondering when we could see the replays from June 2nd/18

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      The cd for the races was picked up at lunch today. We anticipate the races being up on our YouTube at the latest tomorrow.

    • hanoverrw Post authorReply

      Race replays are posted on our YouTube channel by an outside company. They are typically posted on Tuesday or Wednesday following our race night.

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