Lesson 1

How to Handicap


       Horse Racing now relies on the live wagering dollar in order to survive. That means we need you the fans to wager on live racing when you come to the track or visit our Simulcast theatre.   Our live racing costs are made up of Regulatory fees to ensure the rules of the game are followed, and wages for the close to 100 people that are employed here.   Wagering also goes towards our Purses, which help the Thousands of horsepeople across Ontario pay their bills, and give us such an exciting sport.


So come to the track, and make sure you get to the windows early and be prepared and knowledgeable in what your wagering .   These 3 lessons will help you do that. I will also try and do a similar feature on how to read the program and handicap a race.


The Basics

The Win, Place and Show bets.

     These are the easiest wagers to make, and they are also the most popular bets.

The minimum amount you must bet is 2 dollars but the amount can be any number above that, whether is 3 dollars to place, or 11 dollars to show.


Win   Your horse must finish 1st in order for your ticket to win.

Place. You win the place amount if your horse finishes 1st or 2nd.

Show. You win the show amount, if your horse finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd.


Race 1 Results                                                               WIN             PLACE       SHOW

                 1.     Somebeachsomewhere                           7.20             4.10             2.30

                 2.               Cam Fella                                                         3.90             2.20

                3.          A Worthy Lad                                                                             2.80

                               $2.00 Exactor payout     1-2 pays   28.00        
                               $2.00 Triactor payout   1-2-3       98.00


So if you bet to win, only Somebeachsomewhere tickets will cash and they will pay 7.20 for every 2 dollars bet.   If you bet place, Somebeachsomewhere will earn you 4.10, and Cam Fella will earn you 3.90 for every 2 dollars you wager.

If you bet Show, you will win 2.30, 2.20, or 2.80 on those 3 horses depending on which one you bet.   Reminder: You can bet more than 1 horse to win, place or show in a race.

If you bet 2 dollars to win on Somebeachsomewhere and Cam Fella, you’d win 7.20 for your 4 dollars..cashing only on Somebeachsomewhere.


Show or Exactor Pool


My Father and I do this often. Take a budget and bet a portion of it on a horse or 2 in your race.

Say we have a budget of 20 dollars each for the night. We’ll bet 4 dollars to show on Somebeachsomewhere for example in Race 1.

If we won in the above Scenario, we’d cash $4.60. We would then take $5.00 or our winnings rounded up or down and pick a horse in Race 2. Once you’ve decided on a number or races to carry the winnings forward, usually 2 or 3 races, then go back to the original bet. Having a budget also allows you to start over again, and you’ve only invest 4 dollars per wager.


You can also do this with Exactors, and with more than 2 people. Say you have 3 people. Each puts in an amount of money, and each person picks a different horse in each race. 3 people with 1 horse each is a 6 dollar exactor box based on a 1 dollar ticket. If 2 of you are right, you win.   It’s a fun way to play the ponies, and you can play within your budget.


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